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A Message from Our CEO

Tim Vines, CEO

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is committed to our mission of providing employers, families and individuals access to quality, affordable healthcare.

For many years, our company has been referred to as “The Caring Company.” This company creed guides the way we support our customers, our community and our employees.

While change has been a constant in the healthcare industry over the past several years, one thing will never change: we remain devoted to our customers. Every strategy we implement – every decision we make – begins with a simple question: “How does this benefit our customer?”

As "The Caring Company" we put our customers first and aspire to exceed their expectations. Now more than ever we want our customers to know we are here for them, and we will remain by their side during this challenging time. We will continue to work closely with our health partners across the state to do everything possible to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

We are honored to serve over 2 million individuals in Alabama and over 785,000 who live outside our state. We work hard to deliver to our members the best value for their healthcare dollar by:

  • Offering the most comprehensive healthcare coverage at some of the lowest premiums in the country,
  • Providing access to the broadest choice of doctors, hospitals and other providers in Alabama,
  • Working with healthcare providers to improve the quality and cost of care for our members, and
  • Leading the industry in low operating costs.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama has served Alabamians for 86 years. While we are proud of this history, our focus is on the future. We look forward to further meeting the healthcare needs of our members today and for many years to come.


Tim Vines
President and Chief Executive Officer
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama